Episode 11: Joe Pine, Karen Mangia, Sheila Morovati

Today’s episode started with Joe Pine, co-author of “The Experience Economy” and accomplished management advisor who discussed how businesses can best engage with and maintain consumers and their attention during the pandemic and the new era of digital experiences. His insights led nicely into a segment from VP of consumer and market insights at Salesforce, Karen Mangia, who returned to present her new book, Listen UP!: How to Tune In To Customers & Turn Down the Noise, and discuss the importance of asking insightful questions in order to fully hear customers, particularly during the pandemic. We rounded this week off with Sheila Morovati, founder and President of Crayon Collection and Habits of Waste, who talked about reusing crayons, and waste more generally, and spreading kindness in order to help uplift underserved neighborhoods and schools and make a larger individual impact on the world.

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