Episode 12: Lanny S Cohen, Barry Svigals and Jack Mardack

We started this week with Lanny Cohen, CIO at Capgemini, discussing how companies can execute innovative strategies to have an effective competitive advantage, specifically remarking on the differences we see in the Chinese vs. US landscapes. Barry Svigals, a world renowned architect, fellow at the Stanford d. School, and partner at Svigals and Partners, followed up and pivoted into his work reimagining school safety more generally through learning, unlearning, and focusing on the core questions instead of doing. Finally, Jack Mardack, Founder of Oyster dove into how he’s worked to build jobs of the future. He explained how Oyster focuses on taking care of those looking for work and emphasizes the importance of soft skills while connecting this talent through a distributed network that lowers the bar of access to opportunity, a very timely company given the shift to remote work we’ve seen in the pandemic. Watch the Video


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